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Family Tradition

My family’s culinary experience goes back a few generations. It all started with my grand daddy, who was affectionately called “Paw” by all that ate from his kitchens. He owned and operated restaurants in our birth state Mississippi, and where he was laid to rest here in East Texas. His specialty was fried fish and seafood, and people travelled from near and far to enjoy his catfish and hush-puppies. We called them “shut up dogs” because they were a meal by themself! He fed the hungry with a great plate of food and great stories from his life, and we think he would have a big ole smile spread across his face if he could see where we are today. My dad, whom we call “Pop,” is a recently retired, hard-working oilfield man. I spent my childhood learning the intricate details of low and slow cooking over red oak and pecan in the backyard from him. I really don’t remember a time when the smell of smoked beef and pork wasn’t slowly strolling through the air behind our house, but my best guess is that I started learning the bbq ropes around the age of 10. From birthdays to funerals, graduations to weddings, and all events in between, the Harrison Family stayed busy feeding people from our pits and kitchens. My family has always been active in the churches that we’ve attended, and we cook for our customers like we have always cooked for our church families - we give the best that we have.

God blessed me with a successful 20 year career in the oilfield and opened a door for us to take a big step of faith last fall. With the next generation of our culinary legacy now in college and high school, we purchased a catering trailer, a couple of new smokers, and tons of salt and pepper, officially throwing our hat in the ring of the culinary world for our full-time venture in 2021. We have been mightily blessed since saying “Yes” to God’s call in our life. We’ve sold tons of barbecue and other specialty foods to folks at festivals, farmer’s markets, weddings, and recently at our retail spots. While we specialize in barbecue, we also have lots of other foods in our repertoire for any kind of palate that we come across. 

We still use Paw’s pit - named by my daddy as Slap Wagon #1, the pit on my trailer - Slap Wagon # 2, and our backup pit - Ole’ Red, for our smoked meats. They are all reverse flow stick burners that are highly engineered to give the meat a great smoke flavor that can’t be beat!

My daddy once told me after eating a plate of my spare ribs : “J-Bird, this here would make a tomcat slap a bulldog!” Y’all come see what he was talking about!


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Traditional Quality Texas BBQ

The food you enjoy from our trailer is full of 3 generations of love and experience, invested in presenting a truly incredible food experience for you. With Paw’s 60 plus years, Pop’s 50 plus years, and my 30 plus years, you have 140 plus years of heritage and legacy in the sauces, meats, and sides on your plate.

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